Culver Armature and Motor

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New Products

New Products

Field Installable Shaft Ground Ring Kits From Marathon


Beware Bearing Currents….Marathon Electric Announces “SGR”

Tired of premature bearing failures? too! It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Shaft Ground Ring or SGR, the latest innovative product addition to our extensive line of field installable kits. Given the fact that we are the leaders in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motors with the MAX motor family, it should be no surprise that we have raised the bar again with this new solution to a very real problem with VFDs. We have spent hundreds of hours testing and understanding the interaction between the VFD and the AC induction motor, we discovered that the problem exists with all VFDs and all the motors they control. While VFDs deliver impressive energy savings (up to 30% or more), they also introduce harmful common mode voltages (CMV) onto the shaft of those motors. The resulting currents will damage motor bearings, which result in costly downtime and premature motor failure. Any truly “green” process must achieve sustainability as well as energy efficiency. The SGR kits make this possible by dramatically extending the lives of motors controlled by VFDs.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 11:32

Optikrik - Belt Tension Gauges


Optikrik Service ToolPower and cost savings via Optibelt Service Tools

When dealing with V-belts and ribbed belts, a level of tension that is too low leads to the unnecessary slipping through of the belts, an issue that is usually difficult to notice. This additional friction that can lead to the burning of the belt creates unnecessary heat losses. With regards to V-belts and ribbed belts, a level of tension that is too high leads to an unwanted distortion of the belt composition. When dealing with timing belts, it is also the case that the teeth do not engage cleanly if the tension level is too high or too low and then become distorted.

As is the case with friction, matters such as unnecessary distortion always lead to heat losses that are simple to avoid. The method of setting the tension by using the thumbprint method no longer works when dealing with the technologically demanding drive belts of today.

Last Updated on Monday, 22 June 2009 12:22

Commutated Unit Bearing Motor - ECM


Morrill LogoSolid State Commutated Unit Bearing Motor


Direct Drop-In Replacement for Motors 6 to 12 Watts, 16-25 Watts, and 35 to 50 Watts Output

  • Rotation is determined by viewing opposite shaft end
  • Ultimate commutated technology
  • Unit bearing construction
  • 100% performance tested
  • Constant 1550 RPM operating speed is identical on either 50 or 60 Hertz
  • Constant 1550 RPM regardless of fluctuations in voltage
  • Includes LYALL plug ( Model 10012 )
  • Peak efficiencies in excess of 80% means lower operating temperatures and extended motor life
  • UL recognized and electronically protected
Last Updated on Friday, 23 July 2010 21:58

Copeland Direct Replacement Motor


Item ID 40265

Copeland Direct Replacement 5-5/8 Inch Diameter Motor from Packard Inc. This item is stocked on both coasts for quick and easy delivery!

This Item Replaces
Brand Model
Emerson K55HXPLE5176

Copeland 050-0265-00 Direct Replacement 5-5/8 Inch Diameter Motor from Packard Inc.


Last Updated on Monday, 30 August 2010 10:41

Inverter Duty Condensor Fan Motors


When you need a motor that can handle the severe demands that inverters create, look no further than JuggerNaut® by AO Smith®.

AO Smith JuggerNaut Condensor Fan Motor


  • UL and CSA approvesd Class F insulation for 70°C (158°F) maximum ambient conditions provides longer motor life.
  • Inverter Duty Rated to be Corona Free with conductive bearing grease for reliable use with today's inverters.
  • Voltage Change Module (VCM)™ - Our own quick connect voltage change device makes voltage changes quick and easy.
  • Easy to remove 56H rigid base provides maximum mounting versatility and reduces inventory.
  • JuggerNaut condensor fan motors are available in 1 HP, 1.5 HP, and  2 HP at 1140 RPM as well as 1 HP and 1.5 HP at 850 RPM. All are three phase and 460/208-230 volt.
Last Updated on Monday, 31 May 2010 22:26

Slide Bases



motor_slide_base_smallWe are pleased to announce that we have expanded our inventory of slide bases to encompass 56  to NEMA 256T frames, larger sizes are usually available in one to two days. Drop shipping is also available from warehouses across the United States. Please find the specifications and dimensions of our slide bases below.


  • Bases Are Provided With Washers
  • Bases Are Painted With An Oven-Baked Primer For Better Contact Of Customer's Paint
  • All "D" Bolts (Motor Mounting Bolts) Are Welded Into Position To Prevent Spinning and "Dropping" From Slots
  • All "D" Bolts Are Fixed To The Exact Foot Pattern Of The Motor To Aid In Easier Motor Installation
  • Single Adjusting Screws For Frames 56 - 145T
  • Double Adjusting Screws For Frames 182T - 505T
Last Updated on Monday, 31 May 2010 22:41

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