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New Products Optikrik - Belt Tension Gauges

Optikrik - Belt Tension Gauges


Optikrik Service ToolPower and cost savings via Optibelt Service Tools

When dealing with V-belts and ribbed belts, a level of tension that is too low leads to the unnecessary slipping through of the belts, an issue that is usually difficult to notice. This additional friction that can lead to the burning of the belt creates unnecessary heat losses. With regards to V-belts and ribbed belts, a level of tension that is too high leads to an unwanted distortion of the belt composition. When dealing with timing belts, it is also the case that the teeth do not engage cleanly if the tension level is too high or too low and then become distorted.

As is the case with friction, matters such as unnecessary distortion always lead to heat losses that are simple to avoid. The method of setting the tension by using the thumbprint method no longer works when dealing with the technologically demanding drive belts of today.

With regards to this matter, Optibelt has been offering a wide range of technical aids for many years. The easy to handle Optikrik tension gauge states the set tension load. The set value that matches the existing drive must simply be read from the supplied table. The comparison then follows.

The Optikrik 0, I, II and III tension gauges cover almost all of the standard V-belts and ribbed belts. Optibelt recommends the TT3 frequency tension tester for timing belt drives.

Particular Advantages

This simplified tension method is intended to simplify the maintenance of belt drives for the fitter in the event that the most important technical data is unknown and the ideal tension level is unavailable.

  1. Determine the section of your drive belt.
  2. Measure the diameter of the smaller pulley in the drive system.
  3. You will be able to find the appropriate tension from the table.
  4. Check the tension with the Optikrik according to the operating instructions.

Technical Data

SizeMeasuring Range:PDF Brochure
Optikrik 015 - 35 lbs / 70 - 150 NDownloadDownload
Optikrik I30 - 150 lbs / 150 - 600 NDownloadDownload
Optikrik II100 - 300 lbs / 500 - 1,400 NDownloadDownload
Optikrik III300 - 700 lbs / 1,300 - 3,100 NDownloadDownload


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