Culver Armature and Motor

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Motor Types

Motor Types – Classified by operating characteristics and/or type of power required:

  • Single Phase – Available in these types:
    • Shaded Pole – Low starting torque. Usually used in direct-drive fans and blowers.
    • Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) – Performance and applications similar to shaded pole but more efficient, with lower line current and higher horsepower capabilities.
    • Split-Phase Start, Induction Run (or simply Split-Phase) – Moderate starting torque, high breakdown torque. Used on easy starting equipment such as belt-driven fans and blowers, grinders, centrifugal pumps, gear motors, etc.
    • Split-Phase Start, Capacitor Run – Same performance as induction run, except higher efficiency.
    • Capacitor Start, Induction Run (or Capacitor Start) – High starting and breakdown torque, medium starting current. Used on hard-starting applications: compressors, positive displacement pumps, farm equipment, etc.
    • Capacitor Start, Capacitor Run – Similar to capacitor start, induction run, except have higher efficiency. Generally used in higher HP single-phase ratings.
  • Three Phase – Operate on three-phase power only. High starting and breakdown torque, high efficiency, medium starting current, simple, rugged design, long life. For industrial uses.
  • Direct Current (DC) – Usable only if DC available. Use with a DC/SCR control enables adjustable-speed applications.
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