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Announcements Announcements Reversomatic Distributorship

Reversomatic Distributorship


Culver Motor is proud to announce our distributorship of Reversomatic Manufacturing LimitedReversomatic Manufacturing Limited ventilation equipment.

Reversomatic began manufacturing residential, commercial and industrial exhaust fans and systems in 1972 and is Canada's leader in the high-rise condominium market.

Reversomatic manufactures a variety of kitchen range hoods both standard sized and customized, and washroom fans for single and double bathrooms. They manufacture a variety of dryer booster fans, in-line fans, general exhaust and intake fans and blowers, through-the-wall fans, garage fans, pressurization fans, tube-axial fans, high-pressure blowers, and up-blast fans, etc. They also have a complete line of accessories, all types of wallboxes, lint traps, and balance boxes. In addition, they have all types of exhaust and intake hoods.

Reversomatic is a member of HVI and AMCA as well as an Energy Star partner. All of their products are CSA approved, most are HVI approved and some are AMCA approved.

Reversomatic have a variety of fans and kitchen range hoods which are Energy Star efficient.

Reversomatic has an in-house air chamber where they conduct their own performance tests.

Their main manufacturing and distribution Plant operation is located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. They operate two other Plants where they obtain parts for their product line, located in the Greater Toronto Area. Their U.S.A. Sales Office is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

They manufacture all their products and accessories with state-of-the art machinery and equipment which allows them to respond to your requirements in a very short time. This allows them to manufacture custom-made products and parts to your exact specifications.

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Monday - Friday
8AM - 12PM/1PM -  5PM
Closed For Lunch


1010 North D Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

P (916) 451-5858
F (916) 451-8417