Culver Armature and Motor

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Announcements Announcements Do You Need an Electric Motor for a Federal or Local Government Facility?

Do You Need an Electric Motor for a Federal or Local Government Facility?


Legislation requires that all federal agencies utilize a premium efficiency definition when purchasing energy-consuming products and systems, including electric motors.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) now specifies that NEMA Premium®† efficient electric motors must be used. Emerson has the variety of NEMA Premium®† motors to meet your needs!

A key provision of the energy bill enacted in 2005 requires that all federal agencies follow the premium efficiency definition consistent with the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) when specifying procurements involving energy-consuming products and systems. Such specifications must be included in all federal construction, renovation and service contracts that include provision of energy-consuming products and systems.

The specifications must also be used when evaluating offers received in response to competitive solicitations. This Emerson federal procurement catalog only contains NEMA Premium®† electric motors. Each motor rating listed includes the nominal NEMA Premium®† efficiency of the rating and each nameplate is also marked with the NEMA Premium®† logo to ensure that federal purchasers know they are complying with the FEMP efficiency requirements. The new FEMP specifications are based on the efficiency criteria set by the NEMA Premium®† Efficiency Motors Program for low-voltage motors up to 200 HP. FEMP has now extended the designation of premium-efficient motors to include medium-voltage electric motors (up to 5 kV) with rated capacities up to 500 HP.

The energy act requires that FEMP-designated products be clearly identified and prominently displayed in any nventory or listing of products by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) or the U.S. Defense Logistics gency (DLA). The act directs GSA and DLA to supply FEMP-designated products for all product categories covered y these programs, except in cases where the purchasing agency specifies in writing that no Energy Star®† product r FEMP-designated product is available that would meet the buyer’s functional requirements, or no such product is cost-effective.

Emerson's new NEMA Premium®† catalogNEMA Premium®† catalog includes an extensive lineup of electric motors identified with nominal NEMA Premium efficiency of each motor, so federal facility procurement staff can easily make product comparisons and selections. To receive your free Federal Compliance NEMA Premium motor catalog please contact us.

†All non-Emerson Electric Co. marks shown within this document are properties of their other respective owners.

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