Culver Armature and Motor

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Higher Amps - For Better or for Worse?

HVACnewsletter_headerV2A critical element of motor servicing technique is being able to determine whether or not a replacement motor that is not an exact duplicate of the original is suitable for the application. As a technician, you must consider a number of factors, but for this article, I'd like to focus on one of the more important issues: nameplate amps.

One typical way that technicians determine whether the replacement motor has sufficient power output is to compare the nameplate amps of the original motor with that of the replacement model. If the replacement motor's amp rating is at least as high as the original, you can consider the replacement suitable. In many cases, this comparison simply confirms what other factors, such as nameplate horsepower and rated voltage, tell us. This practice is most satisfactory when there is little or no variation in the efficiency from the original motor to the replacement. This method works well, for example, with most three-phase motors.

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Taco Viridian Circulators

Viridian High Efficiency Circulators By Taco

ViridianThe Taco Viridian is a web-enabled, high efficiency, wet rotor, variable speed commercial pump product line for chilled and hot water applications. All settings and pump access can be done over an internet connection making installation, setup and service easy. The ECM motor saves up to 80% of the electrical energy compared with conventional pumps and its multiple operating modes fit most applications.

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Free FloPro Webinar

Meet the New Taco Bumble Bee
Variable Speed Pump in This Free FloPro Webinar

You're invited to join John Barba on Monday, December 17 or Tuesday, December 18, for the latest in John's free FloPro webinars: "The Bumble Bee – Out of the Hive!"

Of course, the Bumble Bee is Taco's brand-new, high-efficiency, variable speed Delta-T circulator — the truly smart pump designed to deliver impressive total system savings, plus the electrical savings you expect from an ECM-type circulator. This is your chance to learn all you need to know to use the Bumble Bee in your next installation.


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Danfoss VLT® Automation VT Drive FC 322


VLT® Automation VT Drive FC 322

Danfoss Logo VLT® Automation VT Drive FC 322The VLT® Automation VT Drives are specifically engineered to save energy, reduce up front and operating costs, and maximize uptime in industrial variable torque fan, pump, blower and compressor applications. They are available for 240 and 480 VAC single and three phase, or 575 and 690 VAC three phase operation with ½ up to 1400 HP, along with a wide range of industrial enclosure options, to support varied performance needs.

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